Crowds gathered to hold a pro-Palestine rally and call for an end to the violence which has claimed thousands of lives.

Students from Oldham College and Sixth form college assembled for an emergency protest on Kings Street, in the heart of the town.

The event was initiated by students who felt compelled to express their solidarity and outrage over the situation in Palestine.

The gathering, although sparked by strong emotions, remained peaceful, drawing in not only students but also local residents who joined them in their show of solidarity.

This spirit of unity was evident in the handmade banners and signs that many students had prepared for the demonstration.

Moreover, several Palestinian families graced the event with their presence, further highlighting the interconnectedness of the community.

One passionate student climbed a traffic light, setting off a coloured flare, which became a beacon of hope and resistance.

At the forefront of the demonstration was Zainab, a 22-year-old student.

Speaking about her involvement, Zainab said, “I came to this protest with my whole heart knowing I may or may not be heard. But alhamdullilah, Allah SWT has a way with things, and the turnout was beyond what I expected.

"Me holding that megaphone wasn’t the plan, but I’m glad it happened, and I am grateful for everyone who showed up and gave it their all just like I did.”

About 3,400 Palestinians have been killed in this conflict according to Gaza's Health Ministry. Around 1400 Israelis were killed in the shock attack by Hamas fighters.