AN INVESTIGATION has been launched following the death of an eight-year-old  boy – who was taken to hospital three times before being admitted.

Bradford Teaching Hospitals are looking into the ‘tragic’ circumstances in the lead up to the death of Mohammad Izaan Danish, who died at Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) on January 6, 2023 - after being transferred from Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI).

Asian Image: Izaan at Leeds General Infirmary. Image: UGC Izaan at Leeds General Infirmary. Image: UGC (Image: UGC)

Izaan’s parents, Shakeel Chaudhry, 41, and Sajida Jabeen, 39, have raised concerns following his death, saying they took their son to the accident and emergency department at BRI on three consecutive days.

His parents claim that - had staff at the BRI acted differently and admitted him sooner - there would have been a better chance of Izaan surviving.

The cause of Izaan’s death was severe Pneumonia, the family has been told.

Asian Image: Izaan at a wedding in Pakistan months before his passing. Image: UGCIzaan at a wedding in Pakistan months before his passing. Image: UGC (Image: UGC)

The Chief Medical Officer at Bradford Teaching Hospitals has given his sincere and heartfelt condolences to Izaan’s parents and said a ‘thorough investigation’ would be carried out.

On the evening of December 10, Izaan and his mum Sajida visited the A&E at BRI as Izaan was struggling to breathe and had a high temperature, his family said. They waited for hours before they were seen and Mohammad was given ibuprofen, a nebuliser, and then sent home, his family claimed.

Sajida said: “He was really unwell, he was coughing and struggling to breathe.

“There was nowhere to sit in the waiting room, he was sat on the floor.”

The following evening on December 11, the mum and son once again visited A&E as Izaan was feeling worse. His mum claims he was clutching his chest and struggling to breathe.

Again they waited for hours and were seen by a doctor in the early hours of December 12, where Izaan was given Ibuprofen and told to wait. His mum said she spoke with a nurse highlighting she had other children she needed to drop off at school.

She said: “The doctor told me, ‘it’s up to you. You can either stay and wait or you can take him home.’

“I had a GP appointment booked for him that morning anyway, so I took him home and then to the GP.

“When I took him to the doctor, the doctor had a shock and told me to take him to hospital.

“He gave me a note so that we would be seen quickly.

“We waited for a little while and then they took him in.”

The whole day of December 12, Sajida was with Izaan at BRI, where he had been admitted.

In the early hours of December 13, Izaan was transferred to LGI where he stayed for three and a half weeks on life support before dying, his family said.

The family claim he wasn’t checked for Strep A, which was prominent in children at the time. With Izaan having Asthma, his family say he would have been highly susceptible to it.

Sajida added: “They didn’t do any checks for Strep A or anything, both times they just checked his heart.”

Asian Image: Frame on family's mantel place with Arabic calligraphy of Izaan's name. Image: UGCFrame on family's mantel place with Arabic calligraphy of Izaan's name. Image: UGC (Image: UGC)

As the local GP was shocked to see Izaan in the state he was in, his father is unable to understand how doctors didn’t see him as a higher priority.

He claimed that it’s up to doctors to tell parents if their child is in a serious state and what they should do, not leave the decision up to the parents.

Shakeel claims that BRI could have admitted Izaan in the early hours of December 12 before the GP referral, considering the seriousness of his illness.

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ray Smith said: “I would like to send our sincere and heartfelt condolences to Izaan’s parents on the tragic death of their son.  

“I will conduct a thorough investigation and the findings will be shared with Izaan’s parents once completed.”


Izaan deteriorated quickly at LGI, where he was sedated and never woke up, his family said.

His sister, Isha Nawaz, said: “We thought he was going to get better.

“We had hope that he would survive, but he deteriorated so quickly.

“When he closed his eyes, it was for the last time, he didn’t wake up after that.

“It was a huge shock.”

Izaan was described as the ‘most amazing soul’ and ‘very mature for his age’.

His sister added: “He was honestly the most amazing soul, and he was very mature for his age.

“He was playful and always picked himself up.”

Izaan was a pupil at Thornbury Primary School and was thought to be popular among his classmates.

Izaan’s funeral was held on January 7, 2023, and he was buried at Scholemoor Cemetery, Bradford.

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