A barbershop that aims to tackle the stigma around male mental health took its services to a facility in Bradford to raise awareness.

Youth Cutz, an initiative that came out of the grassroots film ‘Young in Covid’, went to Lynfield Mount Hospital to support people with their mental health struggles and show them the service they provide.

Muhammed Ali Islam, one of the founders of Youth Cutz, said: “We made our service mobile to make it more accessible.

“We went to Lynfield Mount Hospital over the weekend, and we worked with people there.

“We spoke to them about the services we offer and allowed them to open and speak about what they are going through, while we cut their hair.

“There is a huge stigma around men’s mental health, and we need to raise awareness about it and get men to speak about their problems.”

One family whom Ali spoke with was particularly grateful for his support and Youth Cutz, highlighting how important and innovative the initiative.

The barbershop, which is based at the Mary Magdalene CiC is becoming mobile and wants to become more accessible to as many people who require its service.

“We know how much pressure the NHS is currently under, and we want to do our bit to relieve some of the pressure.

“We’re willing to listen to men, and we want them to talk, the haircut is just an extra bit.”

Youth Cutz are now looking to take on regular sessions at Lynfield Mount Hospital following the success of their initial visit.

Sharat Hussain, Director Mary Magdalene CiC, said:” We want to make this as accessible as possible.

“We know how big this problem is in our community and it’s swept under the rug.

“We need to develop people’s understanding of mental health, get them to open-up and then signpost them and make them aware of what’s available.

“The pandemic has really heightened the conversation of mental health and we’re looking at the long-term vision, how we can get more people on board.”

Youth Cutz is looking for more opportunity to support people who are struggling with their mental and are willing.

The initiative has already overcome a number of barriers after taking the Barbour’s shop to the top of Ben Nevis and has been recognised by ITV Good Morning Britain’s mental health loneliness champions award.