A renewable energy expert has revealed a 'nighttime' trick that could cut your energy bills by 66%.

Millions of households up and down the country are on the hunt for creative ways to curb the financial strain of the cost of living crisis.

Whether it's turning off power-hungry appliances or it's using your washing machine during the 'magic' time of day, there are plenty of habits you can try to help.

One such method comes from renewable energy expert and Managing Director of Powerland Keith Newey.

The energy expert has revealed a surprising trick that has the potential to slash your energy bill by a jaw-dropping 66%.

“Time-of-use tariffs encourage consumers to shift their energy usage to off-peak hours, capitalising on lower electricity rates, typically at night," Mr Newey explained.

He added: "Solar batteries complement this by allowing users to store electricity during those cost-effective overnight hours and take control of their energy costs.

"Though they can be an initial investment, the long-term return on investment can lead to significant savings of up to two-thirds on energy bills.

"This innovative technology allows for retrofitting of solar panels which charge the batteries during daylight hours and minimises the amount of charge required from the grid during the nighttime cheap rate period".

Homeowners can reduce their reliance on the grid by storing surplus energy generated during daylight hours, the expert continued.

Mr Newey added that they also provide a reliable backup power source during emergencies, such as power outages in areas prone to adverse weather conditions.

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How to save money on your energy bills with this 'nighttime trick'

Daytime: Power your home from fully charged batteries.

Nighttime: Charge your batteries using the cheap nighttime tariffs provided by your supplier.

Retrofit solar panels: Your solar panels generate electricity even on cloudy days to charge up your batteries.

You will have power in your home even in the event of a power cut.