Meet Usman Mahmood. Usman is an Aircraft Maintenance and Support Graduate at BAE Systems. 

Usman predominantly works at BAE Systems military aircraft sites in the North West, but also works directly with our customer at RAF stations. 

He has contributed towards a range of exciting projects, engaged in structured on-the-job training and travelled across the country, all thanks to the Graduate Development Framework (GDF) scheme.

Usman was born and raised in Blackburn and attended Beardwood High School before completing his A-Levels at Blackburn College. 

Usman began to develop a passion for both science and maths at an early age and wanted a career that would combine these subjects. 

The next step for him in his education was to attend the University of Manchester where he studied Mechanical Engineering and studied towards a Masters Degree.
Once he graduated, Usman looked for a work placement in the engineering industry. He enjoyed a year-long stint working for GE Aviation in Cardiff at their aircraft engine overhaul facility. 

Following this, he sought a structured Graduate programme with challenging work assignments, a competitive salary and significant development opportunities, which immediately drew him to BAE Systems’ GDF scheme.

After hearing positive experiences from his peers and reading the scheme description online, he decided to apply. Usman was also enticed by the career progression opportunities, the many different projects available to experience across the globe and the appeal of the magnificent aircraft he could contribute towards building and maintaining.

Since joining BAE Systems, Usman has been involved in a number of stimulating projects. He has worked directly with the UK customer, the Royal Air Force, at RAF Coningsby, improving the management of the aircraft fleet and also helping to guarantee air safety. 

In another role, he has looked at resourcing capabilities for BAE’s export customers around the world. He was also recently given the opportunity to learn about air traffic control and radar systems. 

These hands-on experiences have taught Usman a range of engineering skills, more so than what could be learnt in a classroom. 

Not only has Usman improved his technical abilities, he has also been involved in tasks to develop his interpersonal skills, make positive working relationships and to make a difference in the local community. 

One example of this was a careers fair at the University of Cambridge, speaking with and offering advice to potential engineers of the future. 

Usman also collaborated with graduates from BAE Systems’ Submarines business in Barrow to gain insight into how different business areas work, to share best practice and network with like-minded graduates.

Usman said: “I would highly recommend the Aircraft Maintenance and Support GDF programme to anyone with an interest in engineering, maths or science. 

“I have been part of some thrilling projects that I would not be able to experience anywhere else and the support you receive is fantastic.”

BAE Systems has recruited graduates since 2003 and currently recruits more than 50 graduates per annum. 

The GDF programme can be applied for online with placements offered in not only Engineering, but Project Management, Finance, Commercial and more. 

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