Marzia Babakarkhail was named the AMT Lawyers Woman of the Year at Fusion 2017.

Winners of the annual Awards were announced at a glittering ceremony on Saturday May 13 at King George’s Hall, Blackburn.
Before moving to Oldham, Marzia Babakarkhail was the target of an assassination attempt by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Marzia was a judge and social activist in Afghanistan and had established a shelter for vulnerable women, a foundation for educating girls and spoke up against the treatment of women in Afghanistan.

Although the Taliban failed, she had to spend six months recovering. Marzia was left with no choice but to flee to the UK in 2008.

Marzia, who now lives in Oldham, joined Oldham College to learn English.

Whilst being actively involved in campaigning, lobbying and mentoring, Marzia is also raising awareness to promote gender equality and is involved at grassroots level with organisations concerned with social cohesion and refugees.

She currently volunteers for Oldham Unity, an organisation working with destitute asylum seekers and advises and supports vulnerable individuals using her skills and experience gained as a former Afghani family court judge.

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Marzia was presented the award by Asjad Hussain, Partner at AMT Lawyers (above)

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Marzia said, "Thank you for honouring me with this award.
"I can't explain in words how tough my life has been. 

"I have faced many challenges but it has made me very strong. I hope I can continue to support people. 

"I am an Oldhammer and Oldham is my home and I dedicate this award to Oldham and Afganistan my family, my friends and all the people in the world who are making a difference.

"I hope we can all make a difference in our lives, in the community and in the world."