An Oldham artist has been honoured for her work for helping to showcase the work of Muslim women.

Rahela Khan was presented with the ‘Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity Engagement Award’ at the University of Salford’s Create Student Awards.

The ceremony held at the Lowry Theatre honoured the achievements of students in the arts, media and creative technologies.

Through her work Rahela has looked to break down barriers and empower underrepresented groups, particularly Muslim women.

She said her artistic journey has been dedicated to ‘challenging preconceived notions and transforming narratives, allowing Muslim women to rise above societal stereotypes, and celebrating their successes’.

She said: “I wanted to deliver art for well-being sessions that serve as inclusive spaces for individuals who often face limited opportunities to engage with the arts.

“With a special focus on Muslim women, I wanted to encourage them to embrace their creativity, challenge societal expectations, and reclaim their narratives.

“The aim was to break free from restrictive stereotypes and empower Muslim women to express their unique perspectives and share their stories with the world.”

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She was presented the award by Qaisra Shahraz who is the Founder, Curator and Executive Director of MACFEST, Muslim Arts and Culture Festival.

Rahela is a Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) student rep for well-being in the School of Arts, Media, and Creative Technology (SAMCT).

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Rahela's consultancy work revolves around engaging disadvantaged groups, including school-age children and adults aged over 55, who may not typically have access to the arts.

She added: “The Create Student Awards inspire us to embrace diversity, foster inclusivity, and create a vibrant cultural landscape that reflects the richness and contributions of all communities.

“By embracing creativity, resilience, and unique perspectives, we can collectively foster an environment where Muslim women's successes in the arts and cultural sector are celebrated and appreciated.”