A student has raised money and launched a Glaucoma Detection Camp in a village in India.

Year 12 girls at St Augustine’s Priory, the Catholic independent day school, Ealing are encouraged to apply for the school’s travel scholarship.

It gives them an opportunity to go out into the wider world and make a difference.

Simran, 17, inspired by her grandmother who has the eye condition, glaucoma, travelled to the village of Chitrakoot to launch a detection camp.

She volunteered at the nearby eye hospital and worked with staff who guided her in launching the project.

Simran’s fund-raising efforts before her travels collected enough to put towards an annual outreach camp.

This will allow a team of doctors and nurses to go to surrounding villages and test potential patients. Sufferers will receive any treatment they need at the eye hospital and be transported free of charge.

Simran said: “The outreach camp is being named after my grandmother and this legacy will continue on through the family.”

Two other recipients of the travel scholarship, Celeste and Rania, travelled to Brazil, where they trained prisoners in the art of embroidery.

The prisoners are paid for each item completed and given three days off their sentence.