Educating Yorkshire star Musharaf Asghar has graduated from university, and paid tribute to his teacher Mr Burton.

As reported by Lad Bible, in 2013, Asghar, known also known as Mushy, starred on the Channel 4 show, where he and Mr Burton worked to overcome the teen's stammer.

After seeing the Oscar-winning film The King's Speech, which sees King George VI overcome his stammer, Mr Burton used the same technique seen in the film to help Mushy with his English GCSE oral exam.

Following that Mushy then made a speech at the end of term assembly, which was a moment that many viewers of the programme were emotionally affected by.

Now, Mushy has graduated from university, sharing pictures and a tribute to the teachers that helped him get there.

In a post on his Twitter account he wrote: "From sitting in the classroom and contemplating if life would ever accept me for having a stammer, to going to university and graduating.

"I can’t sum up in words how proud I am and how much my teachers changed my life. You can truly achieve anything you put your mind to!"

Mushy now makes YouTube videos about stammering and is a public speaker, with his journey continuing to inspire others.