British Muslim TV is set to move to new offices and also come off Sky, the channel has announced.

The channel will relocate to new offices at 130 Westgate in Wakefield.
Previously the studio was based at Penny Appeal campus.

The announcement came as the channel celebrated its tenth anniversary. Editor-in-Chief, Joseph Hayat also announced he would be leaving the channel.

In a parting shot he hoped Muslim channels would in the future not ‘rely so heavily on charity adverts’ to sustain their income.

The channel would still be available to watch online.

Penny Appeal said the charity and the channel had always been ‘separate’ entities and wished the channel well as it moved into new premises.

Founder and Director of British Muslim TV, Arshad Ashraf, said: “I am grateful to God that British Muslim TV has turned 10 years old and I’m delighted that such occasion coincides with the move to our new HQ, which positions the channel firmly on its own feet. 

“I remain forever grateful to the community for their continued support and to our clients past and present for their trust. British Muslim TV has always been a trail blazer in the Islamic broadcasting sector and our revised linear strategy and further embrace of digital embodies a clear commitment to continue to innovate the sector. 

“I am appreciative to Joseph Hayat for championing such transition and I look forward to personally leading the channel into its second decade of existence.”

(Image: Nq/AI) Editor in Chief Joseph Hayat

Editor-in-Chief, Joseph Hayat said he would be stepping down in July.

He said: “Determined to innovate the market, over the last four and a half years I have successfully launched multiple revenue streams and expanded the channel’s distribution into new, growing international markets.  

“Nonetheless, broadcasting specifically on Sky all year round comes at a substantial cost which is subsequently passed onto our clients. Hence, the ‘cancer’ in the Islamic broadcasting sector of significant reliance on revenue from charity clients. 

“This coupled with independent data that demonstrates a peak in the linear viewership of UK Islamic channels solely during Ramadan, justifies our decision to become a seasonal broadcaster on Sky. 

“I am grateful to Mr Ashraf for his trust and support of my overhaul of his channel, which is intended to transform and secure future sustainability for the sector as a whole, as we continue to prioritise digital growth. 

“It has been a privilege to lead British Muslim TV and I have every faith that the channel will continue to grow from strength to strength.” 

A statement from Penny Appeal said: “Penny Appeal and British Muslim TV have always been separate organisations. 

“British Muslim TV are moving to new premises this week and we wish them every success for the future.”