Popular ice cream vendor Mr Tee has said vandals will not put him off after his prize vehicle was smashed up.

Mr Tee's, real name Imran Ashiq who hails from Wrexham has built up a huge following on social media and visits towns and cities across the UK. His flamboyant and colourful vehicle is matched by an exclusive range of flavours.

On a visit to Oldham recently, he showed damage to his famous ice cream van which had been targeted by vandals.

He said: “We have had a major incident. We are in Oldham and some hater has done this to me man.

“It is like I am going to stop coming. Puttar (son) I am going to come here tomorrow and I am going to keep on coming.

“I am only scared of one thing and that is the man above.”

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In a further update he thanked the people of Oldham for their support over the incident which is believed to have happened on Friday.

He said: “Today I woke up and I thought we are not going to ad flame to the fire and we are going to do things respectfully.

“We are going to talk to people and we are going and we are going to resolve any issues.”


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He said he had resolved the matter where he was happy.

“Moving forward there is not going to be a repeat of any of this kind of this tit-for-tar that happened last night.

“In a few weeks we are going to be back in Oldham and we going to have another beautiful night selling ice-cream where the kids are happy and the families are happy.

“Thank you to all my brothers and sisters for all the love and support. We really appreciate that. Thank you.”