Business owners are baffled as to why a man is repeatedly dumping a box of raw chicken outside their premises.

The latest incident happened this week on the unnamed street between Cleaver Street and Quarry Street, close to Blackburn town centre.

A man can be seen parking his BMW 1 series up and calmly placing a box on the road. He then drives off.

On closer inspection the box, which is used to transfer raw meat, contained chicken pieces and other rubbish.

It was not the first time the incident had happened and in previous cases the box had contained dozens of raw chicken pieces and another time, chicken ribs.

The ongoing mystery has confused local businesses who trade in units off the road.

A businessman whose unit is off Cleaver Street said he had spotted a box of raw chicken three other times in recent months.

He said: “I am not sure what to make it. It is a strange thing to do.

“He just pulls up and dumps the chicken on the side of the road and drives off.

“It is weird to find that in the morning. People are parking up here all the time and maybe throw some takeaway rubbish but this is baffling.

“On one occasion we found 20 pieces of raw chicken inside. The latest incident was round the corner from our place so not in front of ours.

“Why would you make a point of dumping the chickens here?”

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On a visit to the site the box was pulled from a nearby skip and when opened contained a black bag, rubbish and pieces of chicken. The box had been used to transport raw meat.

The latest incident happened at after 9.40pm on Tuesday (March 19), according to the CCTV.

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Another businessman said: “This was the first time something like this was dumped outside our entrance.

"I know the guy round the corner called the council as he found it so strange.

“It does not make any sense? You would think you would look for a bin or something?

“It is a little worrying as you don’t know what this is all about. All the businesses round here are aware and can’t make head nor tail of it.”

Blackburn with Darwen Council said people should report offences online and these would be followed up.

Strategic Director of Environment and Operations, Martin Eden said: "The council are aware of the situation and have responded to complaints from members of the public and our enquiries are continuing.

"We encourage residents or businesses to remain vigilant and contact us on with information relating to this matter or to report any littering and fly tipping.

"We take a tough stance on fly tipping and have a strong track record of following up on enquiries and prosecuting where necessary."

The council also said it has been awarded almost £40,000 for CCTV equipment and targeted educational information to tackle fly tipping in hotspot areas within the borough, after a successful bid.