A LONG-RUNNING Bradford restaurant is celebrating completing another phase of its huge refit.

The Aagrah Midpoint Suite, in Thornbury, underwent a significant upgrade, worth more than £200,000 back in December 2022.

It was the banqueting suite which underwent the first phase of the makeover at the restaurant.
Phase two has now been completed with a new dining room, a fresh mocktail bar, and a revamped buffet.

Asian Image: Yousef Mahmood, of Aagrah Midpoint, told the T&A: "The regeneration phase has been a three-part process.

"We have now completely stripped out and re-done the restaurant downstairs with a brand new buffet, mocktail bar, new seating, and dining area."

Asian Image: The expanded buffet offers a range of new cuisines, with Indo-Chinese, Indian Street Food, and 'Soul Food' alongside the Punjabi and Kashmiri classics.

The mocktail bar featuring additional an range of drinks launched yesterday (February 28).

The new dining room is located inside the restaurant itself and is available to hire for businesses, small functions, and family parties.

Mr Mahmood said: "This room is going to be popular because it allows you to be part of the restaurant, experiencing the atmosphere, but also be sectioned off in private.

"It is available for anyone who would like to book it."

Asian Image: The new buffetThe new buffet (Image: Newsquest)Aagrah Midpoint, a multi-million-pound purpose-built restaurant and banqueting suite, opened in 2009, and the launch was attended by 1,000 guests over two days’ worth of celebrations.

The Aagrah empire was founded in Shipley in 1977 and has grown into an award-winning business with several restaurants across the North.

Mr Mahmood added: "The Aagrah Group has proudly been a part of an increasingly vibrant, dynamic, and attractive hospitality scene across the region for 47 years.

"It's rare that firms in this sector endure for so long, but we have and continue to be driven by two things- a deep respect for family, and the belief that great food tastes even better when shared with great people.

"The refit represents a generational shift within the family and the firm - my colleagues Noorie (responsible for the look and feel of the new Midpoint), Hasan (heading up operations and delivering the experience on the ground), and I are all very proudly building on the foundations laid by our parents.

"Our objective is simple - we want to deliver the best-in-class dining experience in the region.

"Our refit at Midpoint is a big part of that, and we aren't quite done yet."