Staff at a restaurant were a little confused when they turned up to work to find an image of Boy George on their car park wall.

The Barton Bangla Brasserie is based on Garstang Road in Preston and staff returned to work on Sunday and spotted this drawing near the entrance.

The artwork of Boy George had ‘Korma Korma Korma Korma Meal Again, Boy George It’s Good’ written alongside.

Firoz Ali from Blackburn runs the restaurant and said staff were puzzled at first.

He told us: “I don’t know what to make of it to be honest.

“I left work at 1am on Sunday morning and came back to open up on the Sunday 4pm and saw it then.

“I showed to the others and we didn’t get it at first. Then my brother said it was a take on the famous hit from the eighties.

“I have to say they have done a decent job on it and I would not call it graffiti but artwork. He or she must have taken their time on it. It must have been done overnight.

“We will leave it for now as I am sure our customers will be curious. The wall needs to be painted but we are going to wait till the summer.”

Firoz and his family have been running the restaurant for 18 years and this is first time something like this has appeared on their walls.

Firoz said: “Well, our korma is quite good and it could be someone who may have been here and enjoyed their visit. The korma is the mildest dish we have. It is probably a safe bet for someone having South Asian food.

“We do have our regular customers and cater for people across Garstang, Poulton and Longridge.

“There must be a Boy George fan in there somewhere!”

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Here it is again: