The UK’s ‘most expensive halal sandwich’ is coming to a Blackburn burger restaurant.

Staff at King's Castle, on Darwen Street, have linked up with Malik Butchers to unveil a revamped menu.

The official launch of the new menu will take place on Saturday (September 16) where the first 100 customers are being offered 50 per cent off the bill.

The new menu will be only be available at the Blackburn store but will be rolled out to the other King's Castle sites in Preston and Haslingden over the coming months.

Over the weekend, social media stars were the first try out selected items at a VIP event.

Food bloggers Heyman, Mr Munchbox, Halalmunchiesreviews and Mashtag Brady were joined by magician Dawud, DJ Tariq, Qas Khan and TikTok star Shabaz Says.

The new menu will feature the Angus Smash Burger, the Jumbo Cheesedog, 
Lamb Loaded Fries and the Wagyu Pastrami Sandwich - believed to be the UKs most expensive halal sandwich, costing £20.

It is made with Chilean wagyu beef pastrami that is brined, smoked and cooked over a period of two weeks and served in a toastie which is made in the style of a traditional New York style Rueben sandwich.

Asian Image: TikTok stars Qas Khan and Shabaz Ali, aka 'Shabaz Says' who has millions of followers on social media

King’s Castle owner, Arif Patel said: “As a food business owner, I am always looking at ways to provide better quality produce and wider variety to my customers. 

“After seeing some of Malik Butchers' unique content on their social media, I quickly realised that they could be the collaboration partner I needed to level up the King’s Castle experience and help us introduce new concepts. 

“We’re super excited about the better quality beef we will be getting from Malik Butchers for our burgers and also the artisan handcrafted sausages which will replacing the hotdogs we previously used.

"In addition to this, we will be the only place outside of Malik Butchers' own store to serve the UK’s most expensive halal sandwich – The Wagyu Pastrami Toastie.”

Asian Image: The Malik Butchers team: Adnan Malik (left) Manny Malik and Yusuf Ahmed

Owner of Malik Butchers, Adnaan Malik said: “Ever since we relaunched our business four years ago to concentrate on raising the standards of the halal meat industry, we have had an excellent response from retail customers, online orders and also from other food business owners who were looking for something different. 

“We make premium, innovative and unique products such as Wagyu pastrami, handcrafted sausages, Philly cheese steak and shredded lamb which we believe now plug a gap in a market which is growing and demanding better quality. We’re really excited about the collaboration with King's Castle and we believe their customers are going to love the new menu items.”

Asian Image: A guest enjoys the new version of the original burger at the VIP event held over the weekend. The new menu at the restaurant launches on Saturday.