The Oil and Gas industry needs a boost from digital transformation that can entail the gathering and analysis of a significant quantity of data to provide insightful information. Arif Patel, Preston UK, Dubai based businessman supported this transformation to optimize operations, decrease downtime, and enhance safety.

To enhance energy exploration, production, transportation, and distribution, oil and gas companies are making significant investments in technology. As companies look to maximize performance and cut costs, buzzwords like automation, datafication, and digitalization are spreading throughout the sector. Arif Patel, of Preston UK, Dubai, founder of Preston Trading company specializing in oil and gas sector, says the Fourth Industrial Revolution is about to begin as digitalization changes the way we communicate, work, and live. And we should more focus on shifting our mindset towards the way we do business in this new normal world.

On the reputation forefront of Arif  Patel, London was the another city of the UK where he thrived as businessman and created a better place for many people as philanthropist.

Arif Patel established his business at a young age in Dubai and worked his way up to become a well-known name in the mining, engineering, and oil and gas exploration industries. Oilfield services, engineering, mining, and exploration and production of oil and gas are the areas of expertise of his Preston Trading firm.

Arif Patel Preston UK, Dubai, based businessman who has worked in the industry for many years, has a strong view on the expansion and development of the oil and gas industry, and believes that digitalization can improved and upgraded the production and regulatory conditions. Additionally, digital transformation can entail the gathering and analysis of a significant quantity of data to provide insightful information that can be used to optimize operations, decrease downtime, and enhance safety. Increasing the industry's responsiveness, agility, and ability to respond to shifting market and regulatory situations while minimizing its environmental effect is the aim of digital transformation.

Oil and gas firms need specialized knowledge in digital technologies and the energy sector to effectively reap the benefits of digitization. As per Arif Patel, Dubai “companies should also be aware of the essential business possibilities and problems that digital technology may solve, as well as how to effectively manage the cultural and organizational changes brought on by the digital revolution”.

Price volatility, carbon reduction, and change management are three crucial concerns that the oil and gas business must solve. Price volatility in the oil and gas sector may be reduced with real-time analytics that assist better analyze market movements. The automated approach also lowers expenses, streamlines processes, and boosts financial stability. By facilitating the adoption of renewable energy sources, lowering energy consumption, and streamlining processes to reduce waste and emissions, the use of digital technology contributes significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions.

By enabling businesses to adopt new technology, digitalization in the oil and gas sector also makes it easier to address the difficulty of change management. Additionally, it enhances communication between various departments and stakeholders as well as simplifies operations. In general, it enhances communication, lowers expenses, and boosts responsiveness to market changes.

Apart from being an extraordinary businessman Patel is a philanthropist too. He believes that giving back to society is the most satisfying and passionate feeling in the world. According to Arif Patel, situation and circumstances around London and other cities of the UK that make me go down the lane of Philanthropy because of the diversity it has. London is the place where I started my philanthropy work and gained immense appreciation.

Patel’s urge to contribute good fortune to society leads him towards Philanthropy and now he firmly believes that digital automation and hi-tech advancement in the oil & gas industry will reduce its vicious impact on the environment.