A world renowned chef was one of the special guests as a restaurant celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The celebration at The Raj in Warrington was attended by Tommy Miah.

Tommy Miah promotes Bangladeshi cuisine in 23 countries. He has established a food training institute in Bangladesh where over 20,000 people have been trained. Also, he has written more than 20 cookery books.

Anhar Miah, 47 opened The Raj in 1998.

Anhar said: “Activities included Henna painting and Bangladeshi Baul singers. The event was a success and was attended by 160 guests including the outgoing Mayor Jean Flaherty and other local councillors and celebrities.

“As the Raj embarks on the next chapter of its journey, it does so with renewed enthusiasm inspired by the overwhelming response to this milestone celebration.”

Anhar and Tommy Miah, MBE - the famous chef – expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the guests and acknowledged their role in the Raj’s success over the years.

Tommy said: “I was introduced to Anhar through a mutual friend on social media.

“We are always looking for venues, not just in the UK but across the world to host our activities. It helps to raise profiles of the venues we use.

“Anhar has done a wonderful job with mixed clientele. It was nice to see a good mix of people who joined the celebrations.

“I like to promote Bangladeshi cuisine as 95% of over 8000 Indian restaurants in the UK are run by Bangladeshis. We are somehow afraid to promote ourselves as Bangladeshi rather than Indian just in case we lose business.

“I try to promote Bangladeshi cuisine rather than Indian cuisine.

“The food at the Raj is great so they have regular customers coming through their doors. Anhar is passionate about his restaurant. He works with and supports the community so the community supports him in return.

“At the event, customers came in their droves. He has done a great job for the community. I did a live cooking demonstration at the event which I do when I attend events and people enjoy it. On a previous occasion I made a dish for the then Prince Charles.

“I’m an advocate for promoting Bangladeshi food. I feel many restaurants are already moving towards this too. It will happen in time.

“I enjoy cooking and have done it from the age of 14. I am 64 years old now.”

Proceeds from the event will go to one of Tommy’s charities.