A toy company has launched its 'Islamic toy range' in over 150 Asda, Morrisons and Selfridges stores across the country.

The Desi Doll Company aims to showcase the Islamic faith and culture and has launched the toys ahead of the month of Ramadan which begins next week.

Their range includes singing Omar and Hana dolls which are based on a hit children's animation YouTube channel that has over 1 million subscribers. It features Islamic content celebrating 'good characteristics and moral values'.

The company says its dolls and toys are designed to provide children with an 'enjoyable and educational experience that is both fun and informative'.

Founder and Director of Desi Doll Farzana Rahman said: "We are thrilled to be launching our range of unique toys in supermarket stores across the UK.

"Our products are designed to provide children with enjoyable and educational experiences when it comes to learning about the Islamic faith.

"With the arrival of our toys in Asda and Morrisons stores, customers now have the opportunity to discover our unique toys while doing their weekly shopping.

"We are also excited that our range is also available in the iconic Selfridges stores, allowing us to reach even more households with our products."