THE owners of a new takeaway have explained why they decided to name their business ‘2nd Wife’.

The unusual name for the takeaway, located on Accrington Road Blackburn, has been attracting attention from passers-by ever since the sign went up two weeks ago.

Formerly the ‘Hot ‘n’ Tender’, the 2nd Wife Blackburn serves Pizza, desserts, drinks, burgers, kebabs and a range of milkshakes and cakes.

It even has ‘2nd Wife special burgers’ and the 12-inch ‘2nd Wife Special pizza’.

However, local residents were puzzled as to why the name 2nd Wife was used.

The newly renovated takeaway opened last Thursday and is the brainchild of Nelson brothers Zain and Farrukh Abbas and business partner Mohammed Saad.

Farrukh said: “It has certainly got people’s attentions and we have had a few people come in and ask us why we chose the name.

“I know some people have been just taking a picture of the sign.

“It goes on the premise that your wife is not for cooking so why not call the second wife. It is just a play on words and nothing too serious.”

Zain said: “We have registered the name locally and hopefully if this goes well, we will be opening elsewhere.”

Asian Image:

The name ‘Second Wife’ is a common name for restaurants in Pakistan, most notably in Karachi. The catch-line over there tends to be – ‘If your first wife isn’t cooking then call the second wife’.

The 14-seater takeaway itself was revamped at a cost of £50,000 and specialises in pizzas, burgers and grilled chicken.

Farrukh added: “Our food is all freshly cooked and we have unique burgers that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

“Since we opened we have had a great response from customers. This spot has been a takeaway since the nineties and it is great to be taking over the location.”