A COUPLE have brought an authentic taste of Morocco to their home after converting their fashion boutique.

Located in the heart of Audley Range on Walter Street, close to the Noorul Islam Mosque, Blackburn the restaurant La Morocaine is run by Moroccan Sabah Belghiti and her husband Imran Hussain.

Sabah, who originally hails from Fes, said she was inspired to bring something different to the culinary scene of Blackburn.

She said: “Following the lockdown the fashion boutique we ran on this location closed so we decided to try something new.

“Family and friends had told me I was a good cook so I decided it would be great to share the knowledge with others. 

“We set about designing and renovating the interior during the past 18 months to give it that genuine Moroccan feel.

“The menu is made up of traditional dishes you will not find served anywhere else in the area. We have chicken tagines, fish tagines and Moroccan soup. We also have drinks and teas made the Moroccan way

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The wallart adorning the walls has been handpicked

A tagine is named after the earthenware pot in which meat or vegetables are slow-cooked. It is served with soft bread and can come in a range of spices.

The menu also includes ‘Asian brunch’ such as aloo ande masala (potato and scrambled egg), platters, waffle sticks and desserts.

One of the most noticeable features for anyone stepping into the restaurant for the first time is the unique Moroccan art adorning the walls.

Imran said: “It has been great to get so many good reviews for the food but also wall art and the interior look.

“Sabah handpicked all the designs and brought them over from Morocco.

“It is quite a different look for the town and the area.”

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Sabah, who came to the UK ten years ago, said she was delighted that people from all cultures and backgrounds wanted to try something new. 

She said: “We have customers coming from all over the town and some regulars from Darwen who are keen to try the Moroccan dishes.

“Whilst we also serve some South Asian dishes, people love the tagines which are our best sellers.”