A SALES consultant who lost his job during the pandemic has opened his own mobile phone stall.

Usamah Kantharia, 23, has opened All Gadget Repairs inside the Post Office on Market Street, Chorley.

Usamah said the past year has been difficult but he was determined to move on in his career and invested all his savings to launch the business.

He said: “Due to the pandemic I lost my job as a sales consultant in a local mobile phone shop.

“Sales had gone down and the days started to get harder and harder as there was no work to do. Unfortunately this caused me to lose my job. 

“After four months without a job things started to get back to normal. “I decided to open up my own phone shop. I invested all my savings in opening up the new store.”

The shop repairs screens, batteries and charging issues. It also sells mobiles, tablets, laptops, SIM cards, top ups and consoles.

Usamah said: “Chorley is a small busy town where there aren’t many mobile phone shops. We are located inside the main Post Office in the town centre.

“The response from customers has been very positive. They are very happy that we have opened here. They are also very pleased with the way the set-up has been done and are really looking forward to giving us business in the future.

“I want to thank my friends and family for helping get to where I am today.”