With pension taxation due to change forever next month, it is worth looking at some last minute decisions you might wish to take before then.

While the majority of changes will be to the benefit of most people, there are some which will make it more difficult to achieve some goals.

For example, some executives might be funding for maximum tax free cash; which for members of occupational pension schemes can be up to 1 times salary, (even in the case of older schemes if this uses up the entire fund).

Although this flexibility will survive the changes for existing schemes and transfers to other occupational schemes or 'Section 32' plans, it will no longer be possible to establish such benefits; everyone will be subject to a maximum of 25% tax free cash.

So anyone wishing to take advantage of this rule should consider making a contribution before April 6th.

For those interested in self invested pensions, it is also worth noting that the borrowing limits for property purchase after April will be substantially less than are currently allowed.

Instead of a small self administered scheme (SSAS) being able to borrow almost half the value of the scheme plus three years' normal contributions, or a self invested personal pension (SIPP) being able to borrow up to 75% of the property's value, after April 6th, borrowing for both will be limited to a straight 50% of the value of the fund.

But-and this is most important-it will be possible to continue loans set up before A-day, afterwards. So buying commercial property sooner, rather than later could be a very good idea.

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