Young Muslims revealed the future of British Muslim music and art when four up-and-coming acts from across the UK triumphed at the Young Muslims (YMUK) national talent competition.

Hamza Fletcher, Asia Ali, Rabi Niam and Safina Qamar performed their poetry, comedy, music and art alongside the leading Islamic Nasheed group Native Deen, before a packed audience in central London this weekend.

For the second year running the YMUK Talent Search highlighted some of the best and most successful Muslim upcoming artists across the UK. Hamza Fletcher, the extraordinary beat boxer from Birmingham, Asia Ali, an exciting new Somali comedian from Manchester, Rabi Niam, a unique and inspirational poet from East London, and Safina Qamar, the stunning visual artist from Manchester, all triumphed at this year’s event.

The competition reflects the huge diversity of talents among today’s young Muslims.

Over 600 people, from Birmingham to Bexley, entered this year’s competition and a successful future lies ahead for many of them. Last year’s winner Rahim Kawooya’s first album ‘The Traveller’ is just about to be released here in the UK, while Asia Ali is already signed up to a comedy tour of Britain.

Julie Siddiqi, Vice President of The Islamic Society of Britain said: “The Young Muslims UK Talent Search was set up to support the massive variety of artistic abilities in today’s young Muslim community. Many Muslims feel that Islamic values have been misrepresented by a few.

"The talent search aims to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions of Muslims by showing the positive contribution we can make via the arts. The competition is a fantastic way of integrating different parts of our society and preventing sections of our communities feeling marginalised.

This kind of opportunity is extremely important as it provides an outlet for young people to express themselves and inspire others. Many young people feel judged in a negative light. This is their chance to shine. It is so important for young Muslims to feel comfortable performing in the mainstream and events like this make all the difference”.

Naeem Muhammad from Native Deen added: “It was an amazing night. All the entrants should be proud of what they have achieved. Each one is standing up and getting involved. We were proud to perform alongside so many amazing artists”.

Asia Ali, this year’s winner for comedy added: “I’m so excited. It means the world to me. The Young Muslims UK Talent Search has given me confidence to go out there and achieve my goals.”