A vote rigging probe into a Hyndburn Council election has found that nothing untoward took place.

An investigation was launched into the Accrington Central ward May election after complaints about the high number of proxy votes cast - which were up to 10 times higher than past elections.

Conservative councillor and cabinet member Allah Dad won the seat, defeating Labour's Tariq Ali and Lib Dem's Ifty Khan.

The council's Labour group leader, Graham Jones, had made the claims of vote rigging after he said a mixture of people' who had come forward to him with complaints.

And after the probe found no wrongdoing, calls were made for Coun Jones to apologise by Conservative members who said his claims had cast suspicion on Coun Dad.

But Coun Jones said his allegations were about figures not a councillor'.

Coun Dad, who had a 220-vote majority, said it had been a stressful time having an election he won investigated.

Coun Dad said: "There was nothing in the case which I have said from day one.

"I demand a public apology and I demand the resignation of Graham Jones.

"I say if you can't take it on the chin you shouldn't box."

Peter Britcliffe, leader of Hyndburn Council said: "I was confident this would be the result because as far as I could see Allah Dad hadn't done anything wrong.

"Allah Dad and his family did not even have a victory celebration after the elections because of the investigation.

"I am calling on Graham Jones to apologise, as a politician he should exercise some responsibility."

Coun Jones said he believed he was right to raise his concerns.

He said: "The allegation was about the figures not a councillor.

"Why ask me to resign? I called for an investigation into all proxy votes."

Jane Ellis, the returning officer for Hyndburn Borough Council, said a thorough' investigation had taken place which should bring speculation to an end'.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Constabulary added: "We can confirm no charges will be brought."

Proxy voting is often used by disabled people who cannot get to the polling station themselves, or by people who are on holiday. Some 50 per cent of proxy votes cast throughout Hyndburn's 12 wards were made in the Central ward election.