Labour are in power now after a landslide victory, so what does that mean for UK Muslims? I believe Labour and the Conservatives are two sides of the same coin when it comes to the issue of Palestine.

We had a chance to punish the Labour party at the ballot box but in towns like Oldham, the Labour party held on with the Independent Zaffar Iqbal coming second.

Those who didn’t vote no longer have a right to criticise Labour policies now onwards, especially when it comes to the new government’s actions in the Middle Eastern conflict.

The Conservatives happily supported Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinian population. To date over 15,000 children have been killed and many many more are maimed and injured. According to estimates nearly 40,000 people have been killed in total.

It is basic humanity to empathise with the innocent victims of the ongoing Israeli assault.

A handful of Independents have been elected. Let’s hope they stick to their guns and speak for us in Parliament and continue to campaign for an end to what is happening in Gaza. It was this issue which resonates with British Muslims most. We want a ceasefire. Now.

But we won’t have a chance to punish genocide enablers until the next elections in five years time. 

We can never forget, nor forgive those in power who can make a change but don’t. Is it because of the powerful Israeli lobby that politicians are pressured to support Israel? Yes.

For the first time Israel has been exposed for it’s crimes against humanity which the mainstream media on the whole do not talk about. 

This is due to the power of social media which makes a journalist of anyone who can record videos and upload instantly.

Israel has lost the PR war for the first time in its history. Enough is enough, it is not antisemitism to criticise political Zionism formulated by Theodore Herzl. It isn’t antisemitism to criticise Israel, referred to as a ‘Lunatic State’ by some commentators.

The success of student protests all over the world show that protests in different forms can be successful and powerful. 

I was shocked by a recent video of an Old Palestinian lady being mauled by a military trained dog. 

How can we watch these images and not feel sympathy for the Palestinians? How can we see images of dead babies and not cry and grieve? 

If the babies were white would there be a bigger outcry across mainstream media and the Western world?

We need renewed protests every week until there is an end to hostilities. We need to continue boycotting Israel and keep raising money for the victims and any future rebuilding projects in Gaza.

It is our duty as Muslims to speak truth to tyrants regardless of the consequences. It is our duty to keep campaigning for the noble people of Palestine. This is not the end. It is just the beginning.