A Blackburn mosque has shared further details of a WhatsApp scam which is catching some worshippers out.

The Madina Mosque on Oak Street said it had received complaints from some people after they were contacted via WhatsApp. 

Earlier in the month, people had been receiving calls asking for a verification code to join a supposed mosque Zoom meeting. The mosque said it does not contact people in this way and residents should hang up if they receive the call which asks for such details.

In a new warning, the mosque shared details of how the scam had caught some members out.

Mohammed Khalil from the mosque said: “The scam is still going on.

“I have received two calls and two people have been scammed. We want to highlight how the scam works.

“You will receive a call on WhatsApp indicating there is a meeting through Zoom for Madina Masjid or the Raza Masjid (Randal Street)

“They will send you a code and then request for that code. And that code is not for the Zoom meeting but it is to take over your WhatsApp.

“They are attempting to set up your WhatsApp on another device. To do that you will receive a code on your mobile phone. Hence that is what is happening.

“Once you issue that WhatsApp code  it will ask you a second time ‘are you sure you want to transfer your WhatsApp?’ and when you press ‘yes’ - that is the time they will take over your WhatsApp for a temporary basis.

“What they are doing from then on is contacting all your contacts.”

The fraudster, pretending to be you says they are have ‘problems’ and ask for a certain amount of money to be transferred over.

Mohammed added: “People, because they trust that person whose mobile has been hacked and without contacting them, they have been transferring the money over.

“If you receive a call and they are asking you to join a meeting – that is not from us

“And secondly, if they are sending you a code and you send that code out – that is the time you are taking over your WhatsApp.”

The mosque confirmed one person had managed to get £730 back after assistance from their back and another lost their money after the bank refused.

Similar scams have in recent years been sent via text message claiming to be from Zoom.  BT revealed the text message says you have a voicemail on the platform and to listen to the message you must dial a premium rate telephone number.

The text message does not come from Zoom and if you call the number the call will cost £6 plus charges.