Four people were taken to hospital this evening after a crash on St Helens Road in Bolton.

Over 20 emergency response vehicles were in attendance at the two car crash.

Both cars looked extensively damaged, and one person was cut out of a car by the fire service's specialist  technical rescue team.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) said: “At around 7pm this evening (Saturday, 22nd June), firefighters were called to reports of a crash on St Helens Road in Bolton.

“Two fire engines from Farnworth and Hindley fire stations quickly arrived at the scene, which involved two vehicles.

(Image: Phil Taylor)

"Firefighters cut one casualty free from their vehicle.

"Three other casualties had self rescued before the arrival of the fire service and were transferred to the care of North West Ambulance Service and conveyed to hospital.

“Crews remain at the scene.”

Fire engines, police cars, ambulances, and air ambulances were scrambled to the scene and the road was cordoned off.

The accident happened close to Asda.

Cars parked in Asda car park were unable to leave as emergency services worked.

One bus was stuck within the cordon and later released.

One witness has said he saw someone being cut out of a car.

He said: "One man is being cut out of a car with the tech rescue crew.

"A firefighter has described it as a 'lifesaving' operation.

"There are so many emergency vehicles her now.

"It really is a shocking incident."

(Image: Phil Taylor)

A nearby off-licence said they were in their own store when they heard it.

The business owner said: “We didn't see it as we were inside.

"But we did hear it. It is so horrible to see, and we are upset that this has happened here but not surprised.

"Accidents are common but I don't know why, and I would rather not say.

"You can see how bad this was, and someone could be seriously hurt.

"We are just hoping everyone is okay, but we will see now."

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People who came across the crash were helping to direct traffic as it came to a standstill on the road, with many people forced to wait.

One person at Asda said: “They trapped the bus and then they stopped traffic.

"Nobody could leave the Asda car park either and go anywhere.

"It's obviously a very serious crash because I have never seen this many emergency vehicles in one place.

"My thoughts with everyone involved today, I do hope everyone is okay.

"I can't see too much from here but it is gut-wrenching isn't it, when you see things like this?"

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment.