Labour party candidate Tan Dhesi has taken to social media after being heckled by a member of the public. 

Dhesi posted a video on X, formerly known as Twitter, where a man can be heard hurling abuse at the politician.

Along with the video,  Dhesi posted the following caption: 

"Attempts to intimidate, by a small group campaigning for an opponent, won’t deter me from continuing to speak up for all, including for peace in Palestine.

"Grateful to all, especially from our Muslim community, who were appalled by such behaviour and sent messages of support."

The man in the video accuses Dhesi of being unsupportive with regard to the current situation in Gaza.

He is heard yelling at spectators claiming that Dhesi is ignoring the Palestine and Israel conflict. 

The heckler also claimed that Dhesi is 'tainted by Keir Starmer' and that he refused to vote for a cease fire.

A further video was also shared by far right activist Tommy Robinson of another group of people heckling Dhesi. 

He posted it along with "As the media and far left cry how "dangerous" and "divisive" reform are. Another Labour MP chased down the street in the UK by a mob of Muslims over a conflict 2500 miles away.

"Should never have fed the crocodile for votes. Chickens coming home to roost."

The video shows a mob of people hurling abuse at Dhesi whilst he is out in public. 

They also accuse him of not being supportive of Palestine and tell him that he isn't welcome there and won't get their votes. 

Dhesi responded to this stating that he refutes all that Mr Robinson said and scolded him for sowing seeds of hate and division.

Along with the repost of the video, Dhesi said that the diverse people and communities of Slough have been, and continue to be, a great source of strength and support to him since he was first elected as their MP.

He also said that he couldn’t disagree more with Tommy Robinson.