With all due bias, this is arguably the most important Eid gift guide of all. I’ve shared Eid gift ideas for kids, as well as Eid gift ideas for him, now it’s your turn. 

Gruum Haircare 

Shampoo bars have only recently come on my radar, but I love the idea of less packaging and minimal ingredients. 

Gruum (pronounced groom), is a British-based company, despite it’s Scandinavian-sounding name, and they provide eco-friendly skincare and hair care.

I’m currently using the Nourishing Shampoo Bar, and it’s gentle enough to use on my six-year-old and three-year-old, so while it’s a gift for her, it’s something the whole family can benefit from. 

The Secret Diary of a Bengali Woman box set 

Shameless plug alert – my series, starting with The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage, has had booktok talking, won national awards, and diversified bookshelves all over. For an enjoyable read, which also explores race, diversity and belonging, do you give them a look. 

I have created an e-book boxset of the first three books, and the paperback is on its way. You can get this on Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, and Google Play.

For the paperback versions of each book, they are available on Amazon, all good bookstores and TikTok.

They’re really good, I promise you.

Cotswold lavender gift set

The gift of sleep is so precious and invaluable, especially for those like myself, whom are time poor and never seem to be able to switch off from our hectic days. As a busy mum my mind is constantly running through the endless to-do tasks, juggling appointments and schedules that I often find myself unable to switch off in the evenings despite feeling totally exhausted. 

I have heard wonderful things about introducing essential oils especially Lavender via aromatherapy to aid sleep, and The COTSWOLD LAVENDER Company promises just that… products aimed to relax and calm busy minds.

I’ve never really been a fan of lavender as I often associated the fragrance with old fashioned musty interiors and fashion. However I was presently surprised that theses products were uplifting and not at all cloying.

In fact, the fragrance is quite nostalgic, conjuring up childhood memories of brushing my hand over the lavender shrubs outside in an attempt to make my own perfume! The COTSWOLD LAVENDER Company use the finest lavender grown on the ground to produce wonderful pampering products. The fragrance is all natural and truly sensorial.

This beautiful collection of Slumber Spray, Handcream and Soap is the perfect gift to give to loved ones who deserve a relaxing pampering time.

Get Cotswold Lavender here.

AMIRO R3 Turbo Facial RF Skin Tightening Device

That was a bit of a mouthful. The AMIRO R3 Turbo Facial RF Skin Tightening Device has been pitch does a gift for mum’s promising tightened skin and reduced pores by stimulating collagen. It had me at pores. 

It’s got rave reviews, and you bet I’m going to be road testing it on my tired skin.

So for a high end gift, give the gift of rejuvenated skin with Amiro.

Check out Amiro Beauty here.

Hair syrup 

Give the gift of good hair with Hair Syrup. It’s been road-tested by my writer, who can vouch for its goodness…

I have seen wondrous results on other people while using different hair oils, reading testimonials on how lush their hair became how fast it grew… despite hearing all the glowing praise I’ve never applied oil on my hair before and was intrigued to see if I could get similar results on my tresses.

I figured I had nothing to loose as my hair is extremely dry and dull and if anything could return some shine and moisturise it would be a win. 

The Hair Syrup pre-wash treatment has a lemon and eucalyptus smell, is so easy to apply on dry hair as a pre-wash as you get on with other jobs and it washes out like a dream, leaving no sticky residue! My hair felt much softer to touch and my scalp felt fresh. I will continue to use as the results can only get better with time.

You can get hair syrup here.

The Copenhagen Company Oud Luxury scented Candle

Candles have always been a great love of mine, I like to change up my candles every few months, according to my mood or the ambience I want to create. The Copenhagen Company are a new brand to me and the products exude luxury but at an affordable price. I love the smell of Oud so this beautiful large candle instantly had my name on it.

I love the elegant substantial vessel with pure white wax, so aesthetically pleasing! The double wick allowed an even burn whilst slowly releasing the fragrance, and it filled my living room with the amazing oud scent, which prompted my daughter to comment on the beautiful fragrance..so this is definitely going to be a repeat purchase for me! 

You can get your own out candle here.