After watching the relentless bombardment of the Gaza Strip since the October 7 attacks I have to ask: Is it too late to regain our humanity? 

Following the killing / murder of at least 33,000 men women and children and the 75,000 injured I believe we will never be able to justify our lack of courage in defending the innocent and valiant people of Gaza.

Yes. So many Labour councillors have resigned from their party in protest at the stance of the party leadership including the infamous statement made by Keir Starmer in an interview when he agreed that Israel had the right to restrict food, water and electricity from the Palestinian population. 

What is particularly harrowing is the fact that according to the health ministry in Gaza more than 12,000 of casualties were children and over 8,000 were women.

In Rochdale, George Galloway focussed on widespread resentment against the Labour Party and found himself as a victorious MP for the Workers Party of Britain. 

His campaign for the Muslim vote was centred around lobbying for the Palestinian cause – a cause very close to the hearts of many Muslims in Rochdale and elsewhere including in Muslim majority areas such as Bethnal Green in London and many areas of Bradford.

What is indefensible is the stance of Labour members who still support their party’s lack of condemnation of Israeli actions or do not even call for a ceasefire. 

This one-sided conflict has grown progressively worse from the indiscriminate bombing of civilian infrastructure including churches, mosques and even hospitals haven’t been spared.

Residential areas have also suffered grave attacks by one of the world’s most sophisticated armies. It is estimated to be the strongest military in the Middle East.

The Israeli army is fighting against an armed force which doesn’t have an air force, navy or even a standing army. In Palestine, there is neither a seaport nor an airport. It is literally a David vs Goliath scenario.

I call this present continuation of atrocities dating back to the founding of Israel in 1948 as the second Nakba (Catastrophe).

What can innocents do to avoid being bombed even after moving as per the instructions of the IDF? Where can they go? 

The cruellest aspect of the deadly onslaught is the man-made famine that is taking place.

People are having to eat animal feed and grass to survive. Some, but not all, aid is allowed into Palestine but many aid convoys are blocked. One thing I am astounded by is the spirit of the occupied and oppressed Palestinians who are still thankful to God even though they are in such a difficult situation. 

Fifty years from now how will history remember us? Could we have done more, much more for the hundreds of thousands of non-combatants? Could we have campaigned harder? Will Israel be remembered as a brutal occupier with scant regard for Palestinian lives be they children or women?

How will we judged by our children and our grandchildren? It still isn’t too late. We can up our game politically and continue to raise funds for Palestine. There are ways of punishing the mainstream parties at the ballot box. The Muslim Vote is one such initiative.

Most importantly, we can never forget. We can never forget what Israel and her western allies did and continue to do.

We must never forget how Muslim leaders watched and couldn’t get a cup of water into Gaza. Yes, there are 49 countries with a Muslim majority. 

Yes, Pakistan has nuclear capabilities. Yes, Turkey has a modern first-class army. Yes, there are 22 countries who are part of the Arab league and control half of the world’s oil.

Yes, they stood by and watched the genocide.