This Ramadan, I found a lot of comfort in spending time with family, and in particular, making it memorable for my children.

So, this time round, my Eid gift ideas for kids guide is simpler, more pared back with a focus on learning, functionality and practicality.

Connectix as an Eid gift ideas for kids 2024

I am all for a bit of learning through play, especially when the kids have so much fun they don’t even realise! 

My son has been obsessed with the Connectix tiles ever since he saw them at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry play area. He was so hooked, we never got to see any of the other machines that day. 

Built in a rainbow of colours and an array of shapes, the possibilities of Connectix Tiles are endless. It’ll keep children entertained for hours, whilst also helping with their pincer grip and fine motor skills.  

Find out more about Connectix Tiles here.

Childs Farm Slumbertime gift set 

Since I discovered Hannah had eczema (I shared our journey here), I have always been leaning towards products with minimal fuss. ChildsFarm has been my go-to for a good while for its bath and body wash. Therefore, the Childs Farm Slumbertime gift set is the perfect choice for this Eid gift guide.

Containing a bath soak, calming massage lotion and sleep mist, the set was developed with sleep fragrance experts, with a unique lavender and moon milk fragrance to help encourage a peaceful night’s sleep. 

It is suitable for newborns upwards and all skin types, including dry and sensitive and, of course, eczema. 

Find out more here.

Glow Rock painting

Combining the outdoors with indoors, this rock painting set from The Works, comes with transferable stickers, actual rocks, and luminous paints, to make some wonderful glow-in-the-dark creations.

It’s a great way to encourage kids to take up rock painting as a hobby and get collecting in the great outdoors.

Available at the Works. 

Asian Image:

Create Your Own Bead Shapes 

The Works strikes again (is there anything you can’t get in that shop?) with this bead shape set that my daughter is currently obsessed with. You can create formations, animals and patterns by putting the beads together and spraying with water. It’s a great way of encouraging fine motor skills and teaching kids patience! 

Books, books, and more books! 

Can you tell I’m a writer? My Hannah adores books, so it’s a happy inevitability that we’ve got her little brother, Ishaaq, into storytime, too.

If you have a little bookworm, or would like to encourage a love of literature, how about gifting your little one some books for Eid? 

I’ve pictured some of our favourites, including ones that focus on Ramadan, and the Quran, with beautiful illustrations and child-friendly language.