A number of ‘KHAN’ related number plates are being made available to purchase ahead of the the Eid season.
Potential buyers can purchase private registrations, from the private collection of vehicle designer, Afzal Kahn for £3,594 including VAT.

The owner of automotive design house, Kahn Design, Project Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company has created multi-million-pound businesses by showcasing a plethora of high end vehicles.

The string of ‘KHAN’ related plates include BK11 ANS, GK11 ANS, CK11 ANS, DK11 ANS, NK11 ANS, VK11 ANS, EK11 ANS, WK11 ANS, FK11 ANS and PK11 ANS available for £3,594 whilst RK11 ANS, TK11 ANS and OK11 ANS are on sale for £5,998.

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Any individual who has aspirations to go into the world of MI6 can grab the 007 ‘esque J007 NAZ registration for £2000 whilst a number plate bearing Mr Kahn’s first name (Afzal) AF02 ALS is listed for £6,000.

Those gearing up for wedding season will have to part with £9,000 for the WED 11N (wedding) registration whilst the similar WED IIIN number plate is available for £6,000.

Football fans can bid on ‘S50 CER’, whilst the N33 WWS registration is available for £1,800.

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Mr Kahn is the owner of the much coveted ‘F1’ number plate, which once adorned one of his blue carbon Bugatti Veyron Super Sport models, which he subsequently sold.

Mr Kahn bought the ‘F1’ plate back in 2008 for £440,000. 

Anyone interested in the plates can e-mail kahn@kahndesign.com