People from across Barnoldswick enjoyed a free meal thanks to an outdoor community iftar.

The annual community event was organised by Barnoldswick Town Council in collaboration with the Usmania takeaway, with the aim of ‘fostering unity, understanding, and the spirit of togetherness’, during the month of Ramadan.

The iftar is the time of day when Muslims break their fast.

The evening began with people enjoying recitation from the Holy Quran by Hafiz Hifzur Rahman.

There were words of support by Rev Julie Bryan, Cllr Chris Church, Chairman of the Barnoldswick Town Council, Cllr Mohammed Aslam, Deputy Mayor of Pendle Borough Council and Moulana Javad Nasrullah who highlighted the important aspects and blessings of Ramadan and why Muslims fast.

Noor Uddin, part owner and manager of Usmania takeway said: “We are truly grateful for everyone’s participation and the opportunity for all of us to come today, sharing this special moment as we broke our fast together. 

“Thank you all for your attendance, and may the blessings of Ramadan illuminate our hearts and guide us towards a path of peace and understanding.”

Asian Image: Pictures courtesy of Clive Lawrence

Former Burnley Councillor Mozaquir Ali, who hosted the Iftar said: “ It was a great honour and privilege to host this wonderful community Iftar that brought together hundreds of people which demonstrate the commitment and strength of the organisers to foster good community cohesion and harmony.

“As we participated in this community Iftar today, we were reminded of the values of kindness, acceptance, and harmony that Ramadan embodies. Let us embrace the diversity of our community, celebrate our shared humanity, and continue to build bridges that transcend differences. 

“May this gathering be a testament to the power of unity and the beauty of coming together in the spirit of love and compassion.

“The act of breaking our fast together symbolised unity, as we shared a meal and fellowship regardless of our backgrounds or beliefs. It was a time when barriers are broken, hearts were opened, and friendships were built are deepened.”

Asian Image: People from across Barnoldswick enjoyed a free meal thanks to an outdoor community iftar.

Pioneer Minister of Baptist Church in Cravan, Julie Bryan said: “ Some people may be tempted to create division which prevents people of different faiths from coming together like this, but by us gathering here we foster good will and mutual respect, friendship and create peace in our communities. 

“Ramadan is a season for settling a time to seek God, through prayer and fasting. It is also now Christian season of Lent, which is also a time to seek God, as we prepare for Easter. So this a special time for you us all. 

“I am reminded at a time like this of the worlds of Jo Cox MP for Batley, who was murdered in 2016 by a right-wing extremist. Jo said, ‘We are far more United and have far more in common than that which divides us.’”