Pro-Palestine protestors descended on the North East base of an Israeli defence firm on Saturday morning.

Demonstrators held up prop babies which were removed by police at the scene.

They were protesting outside the factory of defence firm Rafael on Scotswood Road in Newcastle, near Scotswood bridge.

Asian Image: Demonstrators flew flags and held up prop babies.Demonstrators flew flags and held up prop babies. (Image: NNP)

Rafael is an Israeli firm, majority owned by the state. It acquired Newcastle-based Pearson Engineering to take over the site in September 2022.

One protestor held a sign reading “Shut down Rafael”.

Asian Image: A sign reads Shut down Rafael.A sign reads Shut down Rafael. (Image: NNP)

Others painted their hands blood red.

Asian Image: A protestor paints her hands red.A protestor paints her hands red. (Image: NNP)

Northumbria Police has been contacted for comment.

It comes as ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas are expected to restart in the coming days.

Talks stalled before the start of Ramadan earlier this week.



Asian Image:

Hamas gave mediators a new proposal for a three-stage plan that would end the fighting, according to two Egyptian officials, one who is involved in the talks and a second who was briefed on them, the Associated Press reports.

But Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has rejected calls for a permanent ceasefire, insisting it must first fulfil its stated goal of “annihilating Hamas”.




On Friday Netanyahu said he had approved plans for a military assault on Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city and Hamas’s last main stronghold.

But Rafah is now home to more than 1 million people including thousands who fled there when Israel began attacking Gaza following the October 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel that killed 1,200 people and left another 250 hostage in Gaza.

Mr Netanyahu’s office said the Rafah operation would involve the evacuation of the civilian population, but did not give details or a timetable.