A man who has raised thousands for charity running each day during Ramadan is set to take on a new challenge this year.

Faizal Momoniat, 42, from Blackburn raised £3,000 for charity by completing 5km runs every day whilst fasting in 2022.

The money helped to build water wells and hand pumps across Asia, Africa and Middle East.

He surpassed that in 2023 and raised £3,500 for the victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquake by running 10km each day.

Ramadan begins on March 10 and Muslims across the world will be fasting from sunrise to sunset.

This year the fasts are an hour shorter than in 2023 and sunset will be just after 6pm.

Faizal will be tested further after Sunday, March 31, when the clocks go forward.

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Faizal said: “I thought I would run 15km this year and really push myself to the limit.

“That equates to around nine miles each day.

“It's not just about personal goals - I'm also fundraising to support a special cause that's important to me. 

“The funds raised through The Ramadan Challenge will go towards providing meals to Palestinian children.

“Let's unite and become a beacon of hope by supporting Charity Right's effort as they support children in the distressing situations in Palestine.

“Charity Right supports children through it's school meals programme.

"This is a critical need, as it not only provides them with the sustenance they need to stay healthy, but it also incentivises parents to send their children to school, giving them a chance to escape the cycle of poverty.”

Faizal has set himself a target of £5,000 for the challenge this year.

You can support Faizal’s cause here: www.charityright.org.uk/cr-star-campaign/7243/faizals-the-ramadan-challenge-2024