A Bolton mosque has held an open day featuring talks, prayer and food aimed at bringing all the community together.

The Seek to Change Visit My Mosque event was held at the Madina Mosque on St George’s Road just outside the town centre on Thursday, February 15.

Asian Image: People from across the community were welcomePeople from across the community were welcome (Image: Henry Lisowski)

People from all around the town were invited to learn more about the Islamic faith, the role of Muslims in the community and to see the inside of the Mosque for themselves.

Chaplain and volunteer Tahira Hussain said: “Obviously people tend not to visit mosques, especially people of different faiths so this is an invitation to all people in the community to come and see the mosque for themselves.”

Asian Image: A range of talks were heldA range of talks were held (Image: Henry Lisowski)

She added: “The ultimate message is one of peace and about how we promote community mindedness.

“Because when a person creates peace within themselves it then spreads out to the rest of the community and then we hope on to the whole world.”

Asian Image: Prayers were heldPrayers were held (Image: Henry Lisowski)

Volunteers were on hand throughout the evening to welcome guests into the beautifully outfitted building, to demonstrate prayer and to hold a range of thought-provoking talks.

The evening concluded with a meal enjoyed by guests and regular worshippers alike.

Asian Image: Cllr Jack Khan with Mosque goers Osman and FabioCllr Jack Khan with Mosque goers Osman and Fabio (Image: Henry Lisowski)

Cllr Jack Khan, of Rumworth, who had invited many of the attendees said he felt events like these were crucial to bringing people of different backgrounds and faiths together.

He said: “The importance of this event is to bring people into the mosque, to bring all communities together and show that there really is no difference between us.

Asian Image: A spiritually and historically inspired pulpitA spiritually and historically inspired pulpit (Image: Henry Lisowski)

“Everybody is welcome in the Mosque, there is always food and shelter.”

Cllr Khan said he felt that the recent phase of the conflict in Palestine had only added yet more importance to discussions about peace and unity in the community.

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He said: “The reason why Palestine is so loved and is so dear to us is that when we pray, we pray towards Mecca.

“But before we used to pray towards the Al-Aqsa Mosque which is a huge focal point for the world.

Asian Image: A look at the upstairsA look at the upstairs (Image: Henry Lisowski)

“It’s very dear to every Muslim and this is why we’re demanding a ceasefire in the Middle East.”

Further events will be planned in Bolton and elsewhere across the country over the coming months, where all comers will be welcome.