The star of the BBC's Race Across the World series Dr Mobeen Qureshi joined his dad Khalid at a special talk in Blackburn.

Dr Mobeen was at Bangor Street Community Centre in Blackburn over the weekend where his father gave a talk on their UK to Pakistan road trip experience.

Many first-generation immigrants would travel by road back to Pakistan in the sixties and seventies and then fly back to the UK.

In recent years a number of people have attempted to recreate those journeys in homage to their parents and grandparents and were keen to hear of the experiences from someone who had made the journey recently.

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During the talk Khalid spoke about the challenges he faced and his first-hand experiences of navigating Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He also gave an insight into the type of vehicle people should use and the pitfalls of picking the wrong car.

Mobeen’s parents, who are both in their 60s travelled from Manchester to Lahore late last year. Khalid and wife Robina who are both driving instructors had been planning the trip for a couple of years and the journey took them three weeks. Dr Mobeen joined them on their return journey in Turkey in December, to help with the drive back.

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Mobeen said: “Thank you for inviting us. It was a pleasure to spend time with the guests. We hope that we have encouraged a few more people to take a leap and go on a fun adventure.”

In the Race Across The World series, Manchester’s Mobeen, a trauma orthopaedic surgeon and a trainee registrar and wife Zainib, a psychiatrist, join other contestants as they attempt to travel across Canada on a limited budget.