Regular protests have been taking place in front of the offices of the Oldham West and Royton MP.

People holding pro-Palestine banners could be seen in front of the offices of Jim Mcmahon at Chadderton Town Hall, Peace Gardens on Union Street and also on the High street in Oldham town.

One of the protest organisers, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “Mcmahon isn't being representative of his constituents as he failed to turn up to the Gaza ceasefire vote in November or lobby for it. The vote was very important to the people of Oldham.

He added: “The protests have been regularly happening every week including in front of Mcmahon’s office on Thursdays. There are three regular protests a week in Oldham."

“We want someone who will engage with us by offering surgeries locally and to consider what priorities reflect the community. Jim has not been available to meet his constituents since October.

“What we want is simple. We just want an MP who is available, listens to, supports and represents us, and if he or she does have an opinion regarding something they back it up with thorough research.

“The strength of feeling about the Palestine issue is at boiling point now and he is doing nothing to engage with people that voted for him. He wouldn't be in power without the vote of people who care about Palestine."

Another protestor, Mark Rowe said: "The Labour Party's abject failure to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza is a disgrace, the further failure on the part of Jim McMahon in abstaining on the UK's ceasefire vote shows a total lack of political leadership. The Party is losing votes by the day for a failure to stand with humanity."

Many will be asking about the position Jim McMahon will take following the interim ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for Israel to prevent genocide. However, it seems Gaza is not the only issue resulting in resentment amongst the Oldham community.

The Labour party is facing a backlash over claims of Islamophobia.

A councillor and former Lord Mayor of Newcastle recently resigned from the Party.

He said: "I have concluded that the party does not take other forms of racism, including Islamophobia and hate crimes, as seriously as it does antisemitism."

Jim Mcmahon’s office was contacted for comment.