Protesters confronted the deputy leader of the Labour Party during a fundraiser.

A man approaches the stage the event in Stockport and tells Angela Rayner he had ‘lost his family in Gaza’.

He was then escorted out the room by a police officer demanding to know why there not been calls for a ceasefire.

A further protester at the back of the hall says: “15,000 women and children dead Angela Rayner and you tout yourself as a modern day feminist, I don’t think so.

“Women having to use scraps, tents for sanitary towels. Where’s your voice Angela? Call yourself a feminist. I really don’t think so.”

She also adds: “25,000 people dead Angela and rising.”

Another protestor joins calls for a ceasefire.

Police and security staff escorted the demonstrators from the room.

As a woman is removed from the room by officers she can be heard saying: 'You are hurting are breaking my wrist'.