A Blackburn man says he is regularly stopped by police for driving around the country in his digital van.

Mohammed Mudassar has been a constant figure at pro-Palestine marches across the country. This week Muhammed, known to many as Moody, returned to London and was spotted outside Buckingham Palace.

He says he was stopped seven times recently by officers in the capital. 

Moody uses his van to promote businesses but in recent months his time has been taken up with sharing pro-Palestine messages.

He said: “I have been driving around London and some of the bigger cities for the past few months.

“I am always stopped. Mostly to check my insurance and papers.

“In London this week I was stopped seven times in a short period of time.

“I drove and parked outside Buckingham Palace and other major sites of London too.”

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Moody said he wanted to do as much as could to help inform more people about what is happening in Gaza as he says the government and the mainstream media are ‘not fairly reporting it’.

He said: “I have been at the front of marches in Blackburn and also get calls daily from people holding events in other towns and cities.

“This is a humanitarian issue and the world needs to be told over and over again that it is not right. People will look back and say we stood by and did nothing.

“I want to help as much as I can and there is no better way than using the digital screens to share messages.”

Moody’s digital van has not been without controversy when he broke down in the Prestwich area of Manchester.

He said: “I was driving through to a march in the city centre and I was running late and took a turn into the predominantly Jewish area.

“So, I stopped to close the screens but a few people saw the screens and said I had done it on purpose to ‘cause problems’.

“That was not my intention at all and it was a genuine error. I just didn’t realise where I was. When I did, I didn’t want people to think I was driving around on purpose as people can take it the wrong way.”