‘Every time I look at these children I’m going to see you in those children, it will be impossible to forget you.’

Those were the comforting words a Bradford father told his beloved daughter in the final stages of her life-long health battle.

Romesa Mazhar died on Saturday surrounded by her loved ones.

For nearly four decades, Romesa fought against cryptogenic cirrhosis, a condition that affects the liver.

Romesa - who leaves behind a daughter, 10, and son, seven – had five organ transplants in her life.

Asian Image: Romesa with her children (left) and with her father in hospital Romesa with her children (left) and with her father in hospital (Image: Mazhar Hussain)

Romesa’s spent a large portion of her life receiving care at Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI)’s kidney dialysis unit.

Over the past three months, dialysis left her screaming in agony while she suffered through several illnesses.

Earlier in January, the 38-year-old’s treatment came to an end when doctors warned further dialysis could lead to a heart attack.

In the days following her death, Romesa’s legacy of love and determination has left a mark on the hearts of people across the district.

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Dad Mazhar Hussain has been overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers, friends and family.

Many people attended her funeral and joined for prayers at the mosque.

“It was a long journey, it was a lifetime with her,” said the 59-year-old granddad from Shipley.

Asian Image: The T&A followed Romesa's story for many yearsThe T&A followed Romesa's story for many years (Image: Mazhar Hussain)

“She gave birth to two beautiful children. That was the biggest gift. Those were the most beautiful memories. She didn’t want to let it go.”

Speaking about her final moments, he said: “I was with her all the time. I didn’t move an inch away from her.

Asian Image: Mazhar Hussain pictured standing by his daughter Romesa's bedsideMazhar Hussain pictured standing by his daughter Romesa's bedside (Image: Family handout)

“From day one I accepted she was a human being God just gifted us, and God put us in a position that this is my human being, beloved one, and our duty is to look after this human being. I always thought we’re the chosen one as a family by Allah. We’re very lucky we were chosen.

“I’m very proud. I feel very happy that I served our creator and God and I looked after his creation. We all did as a family.”

Speaking about Romesa’s personality, Mazhar said: “She was very jolly and happy with plenty of passion. The biggest passion she had was she wanted to travel the world. She knew her health wasn’t going to allow it.

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"When the kidney was failing, before she went on dialysis she said, ‘I want to travel’. I took her to Pakistan and her daughter. It was a very difficult decision but that was her wish. She said, ‘I think this is the last time, I want to travel’. She stayed there for three weeks.

“She was very independent.

“She always wanted to spend every single moment with her children. Even when she was very sick, waking them, changing them, getting them ready, putting them to bed. It’s something she wanted to do as much as she can. Even after dialysis she was trying to get the food ready, even if she wasn’t feeling well.

Asian Image: Romesa with her dad and two childrenRomesa with her dad and two children (Image: Mazhar Hussain)

“This journey has brought the family together and built a big bond in the family.”

He added: “People always say [to me], what is the secret behind all this good health and young look? I always pray [to God], give me good health because I’m looking after your person. I need good health to go through all this.

Asian Image: Romesa, pictured at 14 years old, with her father Mazhar Romesa, pictured at 14 years old, with her father Mazhar (Image: UGC)

"People see this smile. When somebody meets me and probably don’t know me at all they think, this man is the most happiest person in the world, he’s got everything.

"They can’t believe this [journey]. They say, your personality does not show that. I don’t question it. That’s the problem people go down, they’re asking ‘Why, why, why, why me?’. I just accept it. You have to have purpose and belief in something.

Asian Image: Romesa's children, pictured aboveRomesa's children, pictured above (Image: UGC)

“My strong message is love your family, show love to the creator and show love to your loved ones. Put every single effort into it and do your best, then at least you don’t have regrets. I have no regrets. We’ve done our best.

“We have lost her but these 38 years of memories, they’ll live with us forever. She said 'you’re going to forget me, that’s the way life is’.

"I said, there’s so many memories attached with this journey, you’re leaving two children with us, every time I look at these children I’m going to see you in those children, it will be impossible to forget you. We will never forget you.”