A personal trainer who lost his house in a fire, all his money and lived with Tuberculosis has spoken of his inspirational journey after hitting ‘rock bottom’.

Adam Kaan, 44, used to be an IT teacher and taught at madrassas, mosques and Islamic schools before finding success as an online trainer. 

But he fought his way back after a series of events questioned his faith in life.

Adam said: “At one point in my life I was very suicidal after my health deteriorated. I was pretty much housebound and then bedbound. 

“I effectively became a cabbage. I couldn’t feed myself and I couldn’t clothe myself. I couldn’t get a job or study at college. I thought if I am going to live like this there’s no point living. 

He said: “Until the age of 32 my life was a tragedy. From 15-19 years of age I was severely unwell and bedridden. My father passed away three days before my wedding.  I had a rocky marriage.  

“Then within the space of three months my uninsured house burned down, I got divorced and lost £27,000 life savings in a business partnership that went sour.

“At the time I was a private hire driver and my car engine blew up too so I couldn’t work, as they say when it rains it pours, I hit rock bottom.”

Living with TB

Adam lived with undiagnosed Tuberculosis for a number of years. 

His family approached spiritual healers who gave him amulets for ‘Jinn, evil eye and black magic’.

He says he does not deny that these spiritual things exist but in the end it was the medical establishment that discovered the root cause of his illness. 

“Prior to being diagnosed, my family and I travelled everywhere to meet spiritual healers including Birmingham and Bradford. As soon as the medical establishment diagnosed my TB, I was well enough within six months to basically live my life again.

“There was a time when a healer instructed that the only way to solve my problem was to wear a red sash. He blew on this sash and told me to wear it around my neck. 

“I was walking around like a clown with a ribbon. I attribute my success to this adversity I faced for five years. It made me focus on health and I am where I am today as a result. Surely, adversity can turn into strength.”

He said while at an Islamic seminary, where he had a hard time, he started the Quran memorisation course and got halfway through then he joined the Aalim course before becoming ill. 

“Initially doctors messed me about so much. Fortunately, after they did many other tests they carried out an MRI scan. They discovered that I had TB in the bone of my skull which was very rare. Because it was in the bone of my skull no one suspected that it was TB. 

“I have a sore neck and I still suffer with headaches. My head is off centre and I can’t turn my head because some of the bone in my neck has worn away."

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TB is an infection that usually affects the lungs. It can be treated with antibiotics and can be serious if not treated.

Hitting rock bottom

Adam said: “In 2012 I was divorced from my wife. Initially she took the kids but after six months she left them with me.  

“Before I got the kids, my house burnt down. There was no mortgage on the property so it wasn’t insured. The house was completely destroyed. I had a builder friend who fixed one room in the loft and made it habitable.”

Adam reveals about how he and his children lived in that single room with no hot water, no kitchen or basic amenities.

“I began to teach at the local mosque. I was paid £300 per month, which was nowhere near enough.

“I needed a full-time job that revolved around my kids. So I looked for online opportunities and tried everything under the sun including affiliate marketing and e-commerce. 

“I struggled for ten years with weight problems and eventually figured out a system and process for weight loss, but I wasn’t formally qualified. So I gained the necessary qualifications and decided to go online with my coaching.”

He has since helped over 300 people with their weight and health. His target is to help 1,000 men a year and has built a team. His business is now bringing in six figures sums a year.

Adam says that with any project, you need to have a strong purpose and a ‘why’. 

He does not take on a client unless it’s clear that they have strong motivation to change, known as ‘emotional triggers’.

He said Islam is a massive motivator for a lot of people. and it was for him, Looking after your body is a trust from Allah. Being fit is so important. Imagine if you had to defend your family, your honour and your faith. Would you be fit enough?”