Hundreds from across the North West attended an event in Oldham to hear from a world-famous 'spiritual' speaker.

Haq Khatteb Hussain is known across the world and features in countless videos where he is seen blessing people.

His ‘accomplishments’ have been viewed millions of times making him a household name across Pakistan. 

He was at Oldham’s The Eastern Pavilion on New Year’s Eve.

In the video people can be seen placing one hand on their foreheads and another hand on the back of the heads as Haq Khatteb Hussain blows into a microphone.

The venue was completely packed with men and women in separate areas taking part in the ‘dum’ – a blessing.

Later, people held up their phones as the ‘blessings’ continued.

Asian Image:

Crowds also turned up to welcome into the venue as the entourage pulled up at the entrance.

Haq Khatteb Hussain has 2.8million followers on Facebook and more than 300,000 on Instagram. His events are normally completely sold out with queues forming early during the day.