Twins have given their parents the best possible festive gift by arriving four weeks early – but will not share the same birthdays.

Adeeqa Parveen Ali, 31, and her partner Faisal Imran, from Livingston, West Lothian, went to St John’s Hospital on Christmas Eve, almost one month ahead of the expected due date.

Baby boy Jami and his sister Rumi were born soon after, but will not share the same birthday.

Jami, who weighed in at 5lb 8oz, was born at 11.44pm on Christmas Eve, but his sister, tipping the scales at 4lb 2oz, was born almost one hour later at 12.27am on Christmas Day.

Both, with their mother, will stay in hospital for a few days, staff said, but hope to be out by Hogmanay.

Rumi came within minutes of being the first Christmas baby in Scotland, but was pipped to the post by Eliza Shearer in Aberdeen.