Representatives of Blackburn mosques have visited the Rafah crossing in Egypt to deliver £300,000 worth of aid for displaced people in the Gaza Strip after fundraisers in the town.

Volunteers headed out to the crossing with Gaza and helped to prepare and distribute thousands of emergency packs.

Four people from Blackburn were among the team who travelled to the area to meet up with representatives of the Red Crescent.

The money had been raised by members of the Masjid E Ghousia & Islamic Religious Centre, Leamington Road, the Masjid E Raza, Balaclava Street, and a further two mosques in Bolton.

The initiative was led by UK charity Hope for Mankind.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians in Gaza have been displaced due to the ongoing conflict between the terrorist group Hamas and Israeli Defence Forces.

Musabhai Haldarvi has been travelling to disaster zones to distribute aid for more than three decades.

He said: “We set off last week and spent several days at the Rafah border.

“Of course, as people know it is difficult to get into and out of Gaza. 

“The money was raised at four mosques – two from Bolton and two from Blackburn.

“It was a huge amount and people have been very generous in donating towards this cause. You can see how much people care and want to make a difference.

“This is an international emergency and millions are being displaced.

"Thank you to everyone who donated and everyone who helped with the aid effort."

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Volunteers could be seen unloading aid from heavy goods lorries which were labelled with the ‘Blackburn – Palestine 2023’ labels.

They had also filled hundreds of emergency packs. The packs contained essential items for families who have had to flee to safety due to the ongoing conflict, in which thousands of civilians in Israel and Palestine have been killed.

Earlier this year, Musabhai had joined a team of volunteers from the Masjid E Raza to assist efforts in Turkey following the devastating earthquakes there.