Thousands of pounds were pledged towards an appeal to help people affected by the bombing of Gaza.

The KORT (Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust) dinner event which assists orphans in Northern Pakistan was attended by hundreds of people from across Blackburn, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

KORT is an international Islamic charity based in Pakistan, Kashmir and the UK.

Following appeals to host a fundraising event volunteers helped to raise £79,000 on Thursday night at the Grand Venue.

Organisers said the appeal had been put together at short notice and thanked people for their donations.

Asian Image: Thousands of pounds were pledged towards to an appeal to help people affected by the bombing of

A number of local businessman and members of the made major donations on the night.

The biggest donations on the night came from Blackburn-based Star Tissue UK, AMT Lawyers and Raja’s of Bradford.

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The Masjid Jamia Ghosia, which is based on Chester Street presented their own cheque of £10,000 towards the appeal.

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A volunteer from KORT said: “We would like to thank the people of Blackburn and all those who travelled from other towns to attend the event.

“There is a major humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza and donations will go towards helping those in need during this emergency.”

In 2022, the charity raised £190,000 towards building a new state of the art healthcare facility in Azad Kashmir.

Pictures courtesy of Nasir Hussain of AKD Media