A pharmacist brought This Morning crews to Bolton this week for the first time to film a segment on public health.

TV Pharmacist Thorrun Govind is from Bolton herself, and as she appeared on This Morning to talk about how to stay well this winter, she presented from Sykes Pharmacy on St Helens Road.

Hosts of ITV’s This Morning, Dermot O’Leary and Lisa Snowdon spoke to Thorrun about asking pharmacists for advice on minor illnesses instead of going to the doctors.

Thorrun, the chairwoman of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in England, said pharmacists could help with hangover cures or diarrhoea and constipation and said people should stock up.

From January 1, pharmacists will be able to assist people in confidential rooms with things like urinary tract infections, ear issues and other conditions.

Asian Image: Thorrun Govind

Thorrun said: “Sykes Pharmacy has been there for many years serving the community and when I was asked to speak on This Morning, I thought it was a great opportunity to bring them to Bolton.

“It is winter now, so we are advising people on how to stay well with things like colds, flu and indigestion especially as we had to Christmas.”

Sykes Pharmacy can offer free vaccines, advice, and still dispense medicine.

Thorrun said: “If you are unwell, you need to check that any medication is safe with ones you already take.

“We have an important part in that so that’s why people come to us for medication and advice.

“It was great to see Bolton feature on the show as people do travel to come to this pharmacy, so we are at the heart of the community, and we are really proud to serve our patients.”

While Thorrun presented from the pharmacy, she also highlights how good the team is at the Bolton pharmacy and praised them for really knowing their patients.

Asian Image: Thorrun Govind

Thorrun has worked as a pharmacist for more than 10 years and is now a regular TV pharmacist for This Morning.

She said: “It is always a privilege to be asked to go on the show and to speak to people in their own homes because sometimes people are not sure where to go.

“We are the first point of call when you have minor illnesses, and we are open late and on weekends so people can get the help they need.”