SECURITY at a town centre mosque is due to be ramped up.

A second planning application for a new taller fence and alarm around the Bournemouth Islamic Centre & Central Mosque has been approved. 

The mosque on St Stephen’s Road has been targeted in a “spate of targeted attacks” in recent years. 

Imam Majid Yasin told the Echo in the autumn there have been “a number of incidents” where people have attacked the place of worship by “throwing paint and liquid” at it. 

Asian Image: Imam Majid YasinImam Majid Yasin (Image: Newsquest)

But now, BCP Council has given the mosque the green light to improve its safety.. 

The plans include a 1.8m fence, taller than an existing structure, as well as new security lights. 

A case officer report by BCP Council said: “In terms of the undesirable height of the proposed railings, it is recognised railings of this height are needed in this case to provide the sought level of security to the centre. 

“It is commendable that to help mitigate the negative impact of the height of the railings, interest has been added to their design. 

“The railings would have a curved top and according to the revised fence drawing, would also have two rails as well as ball tops softening the appearance of the proposed boundary treatment.” 

The documents state that the lights would be low-wattage and would not be permanently on in the evenings, except in the case of trespassers being detected by the sensors. 

As reported, Mr Yasin had wanted the planning application to be successful as a “matter of urgency” following safety concerns for women and children who attend the mosque. 

He said there have been incidents when pig meat was thrown at the door, windows smashed and red paint daubed on the building. 

The last application was rejected because the applicant “failed to provide details that are sufficient to understand the potential impact of the proposal on the asset’s significance”, according to the council.