In the six weeks a number of media personalities have spoken out against all forms of hate and prejudice.

Yet, their support for Palestine has been singled out and it has led to calls for their booked  cancelled or rounded up by the media outlets keen to ‘make an example of them’.

This targeting of anyone who has an ounce of support for Palestinian people is not new. There has been a concerted effort to silence opposition for many decades.

Linking terrorism with the plight of innocent Palestinians has been used to deflect the brutal actions of the Israeli Defence Forces.

If you support Palestine, then you must support Hamas or if you write anything against Israel then you must in some way be antisemitic. Condemning the actions of Hamas is not enough.

However, social media and the internet means people a whole generation can follow who they want. They no longer rely on the mainstream media for the news and can get it directly from the source.

Journalists and broadcasters may well be expected to have opinions and views but the real lack of content and opinion in the mainstream media out there means comedians and sports stars have been front and centre in relaying the views of a silent majority.

Guz Khan was the latest to be targeted with the familiar right-wing press attempting to cause ‘alarm’ for his appearance on Have I got News For You.

It appears his open support for Palestine should be a reason for him to be cancelled by the BBC. In fact, there was no alarm and frankly nobody cares as HIGNFY have had their fair share of outspoken people over the years.

Is he really up there with Boris Johnson?



Boxer Amir Khan shared questions over his appearance at a university event. He almost scoffed, saying, ‘The defaming begins, we will continue to support innocent Palestinians in the face of genocide. They’re trying to get my event cancelled!’

Wife Faryal Makhdoom shared her posts and messages in one she suggests being asked to ‘post pro-Israeli content for money’.



Tez Ilyas has been vocal supporter of Palestine and suffered a backlash over some of his posts.

In his social media feed, he is constantly fighting off some deeply offensive material. It is bordering of pure hate and vile content. Has it put him off? It appears not.

Tez has been a vocal supporter of the Palestinian cause and has been spotted at local rallies more than so than others who have may have steered clear and hoping for the situation to blow over.

Broadcaster Adil Ray has openly condemned all forms of terrorism throughout his career but it seems that is not enough for some people who seem intent to question his 'loyalty'. A feature many South Asians have faced over and over again.

He continues to call out indiscriminate bombings. He has regularly been at the wrong end of some vile abuse.



Former Apprentice candidate, Bushra Shaikh has always been forthright in her views on everything from racism to British traditions. Over the past year she has posted some contentious stuff despite the criticisms.

But her support for Palestine has been unwavering in the face of onslaughts from all sides. She has been keen to call out the double standards when it comes to the reporting of Palestinian deaths.

She also spoke openly this week over her concerns that people were having their events and work cancelled over their support for Palestine.



Ash Sarkar’s timeline sees her constantly batting off toxic and deeply offensive material.

Here is the broadcaster and journalist putting down another comment.



The abuse for anyone daring to speak out in support of Palestine continued unabated as the weeks went on.

Here was a comment from Owen Jones this week, which no journalist or writer should have to post. It after a number of weeks when he has spoken out over Israeli propaganda.