A Blackburn Rovers fan has been found guilty of making racist monkey chants towards an opposition player.

Burnley Magistrates' Court heard Darren Livesey was watching Blackburn Rovers vs AFC Bournemouth when he made racist remarks.

Bournemouth, known as the Cherries, were visiting Ewood Park in Rovers' last home game of that Championship season on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

When Bournemouth's attacking players ventured close to Rovers' goal, Livesey made monkey noises and chants on three separate occasions, the court heard.

The Bournemouth players were not named during proceedings, but were confirmed to have been of black ethnicity.

Bournemouth won the game 3-0 and both goalscorers - Dominic Solanke and Philip Billing - are black.

Other black players for the Cherries that day included Jaidon Anthony, Jefferson Lerma, Jordan Zemura, Jamal Lowe, and Siriki Dembele.

Livesey, 34, of Whalley New Road, Blackburn, pleaded not guilty to indecent and racial chanting at a designated football match.

Two witnesses reported Livesey to stewards at the game, who then monitored Livesey's behaviour.

Witness Dr Tazmin Redford also reported Livesey to anti-racism in football charity Kick It Out after seeing his picture on Blackburn Rovers' social media after the game.

The charity then reported this to the police, who arrested and charged Livesey after checking CCTV at the stadium.

Prosecutor Stephen Bottell told the court Livesey was heard making monkey chants by various witnesses, and also booed when Blackburn Rovers players 'took the knee', a symbol against racism in the sport.

Mr Bottell said: "Witnesses heard Livesey make monkey chants multiple times, only 10 minutes into the first half of the game."

Witness Dr Stephen Carni also gave evidence, stating he had heard Livesey make the chants and was shocked, as he had attended almost every game since 1975 and "had not heard anything like it for decades".

He said: "I looked at my wife who was with me as I was not quite sure what had happened, as it had been a long time since I heard anything like that at Blackburn."

Defending, Graeme Parkinson told the court Livesey would not have made the racist remarks as his friend's nine year old child was sitting next to him, and is of good character.

Livesey told the court: "I do not even know what what a monkey chant is.

"I heard other abusive chants but I definitely did not do anything racist."

District Judge Alexandra Preston asked the defendant if he knew what he was being accused of, which he confirmed.

Mr Parkinson called Livesey's friend who he attended the game with to give evidence, a security officer named Phillip Capstick, who said it was not his friend who shouted a racist remark, but someone 10 rows behind them.

District Judge Alexandra Preston found Livesey guilty of indecent and racial chanting at a designated football match, after stating the evidence from witnesses called by the prosecution was consistent, and that presented by the defence was not.

She said: "Football is a sport for the public to enjoy. Racism has no place in society and what you did is clearly racist.

"The fact that you sat next to a nine year old and shouted these chants makes it even worse.

"Men like you upset others and make it worse when they are trying to enjoy the match in the crowd.

"But I have to take into account your financial situation and decide what is the best way to prevent you from doing this again."

Livesey was fined £454, and ordered to pay costs of £300 and a £34 victim surcharge.

He was also banned from attending any football games for five years.